Chacon u. illinois phd thesis

Thesis Title: Density properties of certain group actions and joining rigidity of some smooth singular flows. Thesis Title: Flexibility of some dynamical and geometric data. Thesis Adviser: Leonid Berlyand. Thesis Title: Vertices in the Ginzburg-Landau superconductivity model.

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Thesis Title: Local-global principles and diophantive sets in rings of number-theoretic interest. Thesis Adviser: Federico Rodriguez Hertz. Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Thesis Adviser: James Brannick. Thesis Title: Studies on the local times of discrete-time stochastic processes.

Thesis Title: On some problems in Lagnangian dynamics and Finsler geometry. Thesis Adviser: Sergei Tabachnikov. Thesis Title: Skew flat fibrations and totally convex immersions. Thesis Title: Analytical and numerical studies on minimal models of crawling cell motion. Research Interests: Applied mathematics, mathematical biology. Thesis Adviser: Jan Reimann.

Career Bio: Randomness of restricted value martingales, selection rules, and graph sequences. Thesis Adviser: Qiang Du. Thesis Title: Study of nonlinear peridynamics and nonlocal kernel functions. Thesis Adviser: Jinchao Xu. Thesis Title: Algebraic multigrid methods and their applications. Thesis Title: Parabolic transmission problem and applications to the finite element method. Thesis Adviser: Manfred Denker. Thesis Adviser: Gary Mullen. Thesis Title: "Orthogonal sets of Latin Squares and Class-r hypercubes generated by finite algebraic systems".

Chacon u Illinois PhD thesis

Research Interests: Latin squares, finite fields, transcendental number theory. Thesis Adviser: Nathanial Brown. Thesis Adviser: Yuxi Zheng. Thesis Title: "General purpose compositional simulation for multiphase reactive flow with a fast linear solver". Thesis Title: The invariant theory and geometry pertaining to tensor networks and some further applications.

Thesis Title: Studies on the weak convergence of partial sums in Gibbs-Markov dynamical systems. Thesis Title: Effective properties and collective dynamics in bacterial suspensions. Thesis Title: The auxiliary space solvers and their applications. Thesis Title: Geodesic flows on manifolds of nonpositive curvature and nonsense orbits in partially hyperbolic systems.

Thesis Adviser: Tim Reluga. Thesis Adviser: Stephen G. Thesis Title: A model of intuitionism based on Turing degrees. Thesis Adviser: Mihran Papikian. Thesis Title: Quaternion algebras and elliptic curves over function fields of finite characteristic. Thesis Title: An analytical approach to sustainable transportation network design.

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Thesis Title: Partial randomness and Kolmogorov complexity. Thesis Title: Deformation problems in Lie algebroids and extended Poisson geometry. Degree Year: Thesis Title: Nonlocal exterior calculus on Riemannian manifolds. Thesis Adviser: Yuri Zarhin. Thesis Title: On multi-parameter semimartingales, their integrals and weak convergence.

Thesis Title: Geometric quantization, reduction and k-homology. Thesis Title: Representation of integers by a family of cubic forms in seven variables. Thesis Title: Periodic cyclic homology and smooth deformations. Thesis Adviser: Mark Levi. Thesis Title: Effect of tidal dissipation on the motion of celestial bodies.

Thesis Title: Orthogonality and extendability of latin squares and related structures. Thesis Title: Coexistence of hyperbolic and non-hyperbolic behavior in smooth dynamical systems. Thesis Title: Algebraic multilevel methods for graph Laplacians. Thesis Title: Equivariant homology and representation theory of p-adic groups. Thesis Title: A Lie-algebraic approach to the local index theorem on compact homogeneous spaces. Thesis Title: Substitution Markov chains with applications to molecular evolution. Thesis Title: Asymptotic analysis of Ginzburg-Landau superconductivity model.

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Thesis Title: Dynamic modeling of biological and physical systems. Thesis Title: The distribution of the divisor function in arithmetic progressions. Thesis Title: The generalized finite element method: numerical treatment of singularities, interfaces, and boundary conditions. Thesis Adviser: John Roe. Thesis Title: Homological calculations with the analytic surgery exact sequence.

Thesis Adviser: Nathaniel Brown.

Thesis Title: Rokhlin actions on AF algebras and classifiability. Career Bio: Economics Ph. Career Bio: Quantitative Associate, J. Morgan, New York, NY. Thesis Adviser: George Andrews. Thesis Title: Bijective methods and combinatorial studies of problems in partition theory and related areas. Thesis Title: Effective viscosity of dilute bacterial suspecsions. Career Bio: , Nicholas C. Thesis Title: Conformal mapping and variational methods for interfacial dynamics in fluids. Damania, P. McGuire, and C. Qualset, pp.

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Clark, J. Debouck, D. Beans, Phaseolus spp. Simmonds and J.

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Smartt, pp. Freytag, G. Hart, J. Asch, C. Scarry, and G.

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Antiquity American Antiquity Holman, E. Brown, S. Wichmann et al. Current Anthropology Jolkesky, M. Josserand, J. Mixtec Dialect History. Unpublished Ph. Kaplan, L. Economic Botany Kwak, M. Kami, and P. Crop Science Mamidi, S. Rossi, et al.